Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sheepskin UGG Australia Boots

In the world of fashion, designer boots are considered as one of the sexiest footwear that a women should have. It enhances it elevates ones' sexiness.

One of the most popular designer boots brand in the fashion world today is UGG Australia. They are known for using sheepskin from merino sheep as their primary material in producing highly functional and trendy footwears. The unique qualities of the sheepskin will give you the most comfortable feeling and warm even in the coldest weather.

Ashley Tisdale, Pamela Anderson, Jennifer Anniston and Penelope Cruz are few of the many popular tv personalities who are fond of wearing UGG boots. If you are looking for high-quality yet discounted designer boots for women to follow the style of your favorite Hollywood stars, shop at online designer clothes store that offers wide range of foot apparel, raging from platforms to stiletto, latex to suede, knee-high to ankle boots and you can also choose from variety of colors.

Featured Item: UGG Australia - Womens Kona Boots

Designer Boots - UGG AustraliaThe Kona boot is a stylish new addition to the UGG Australia Surf Collection.
Made with rich leathers and suedes, the Kona has an edgy side detailing with elastic and faux bone enclosures.
A Tasman detailing around the heel adds a unique look.

Color: White

Retail Price: $190.00 each
Runway Special: $110.00 each

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Elisha Cuthbert Wears Christian Dior Sunglasses

Elisha Cuthbert - Designer SunglassesWearing designer sunglasses can greatly affect ones' entire appearance and appeal as she portrays a unique image of herself.

Nowadays, Hollywood celebrities played a very important role in making these designer sunglasses more popular than ever. Their fashion styles has always been influencing other people especially their fans and those people who simply love to follow the "must-have" fashion statement that is in today. These sunglasses are also known as "celebrity sunglasses" which sets the fashion world on fire. They are qualityand fashionably wise.

One of the hottest and most beautiful face in the Hollywood scene today is Elisha Cuthbert; a Canadian actress who starred in the movies Girl Next Door (2004), House of Wax (2005), Captivity (2007) and My Sassy Girl (2008). She loves to wear Christian Dior sunglasses as one of her fashion accessories. It makes her look more sexy and it enhances her appearance.

Elisha Cuthbert - Christian Dior SunglassesFeatured Item: Womens Dior StarShine Sunglass

Color: Brown/White frame

Retail Price: $300.00 each
Runway Special: $179.99 each

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

T-shirt: An Expressive Piece of Cloth

T-shirt is maybe the most common type of clothing today because it is easy to find and it provides comfort to the ones who's wearing it.

Some say that it was originated during the World War I and other claim that it was first worn by the US Navy but nevertheless, it was originally worn as an undershirt and was considered as an unfashionable or a dowdy type of clothe back then.

But today is a whole lot different story. People consider clothes and other type of clothing as an extension of their personality. The best way to showcase them is through wearing designer t-shirts. Even a simple tshirt can speak a lot about yourself and your personality. Nowadays, people find different ways on how to express themselves or even speak up for the groups or associations where they belong. In fact, tshirts are also being used as a political paraphernalia to express ones' political and social views.

T shirt is more than just a piece of cloth. Its purpose and its uses expands as it goes along with the fashion trends. There is no doubt, it will be right there along with us whether in the battlefield or in our wardrobe. Its worth as a useful, fashionable and expressive piece of clothing has already been proven.

Featured Item: Christian Audigier Womens Forever" S/S Tee in Blue

Designer T-shirt - Christian AudigierShort sleeve t-shirt in blue. Garment has been dipped in dye. Multiple graphics on front. Sand clock w/wings.

Color: Blue
Material: 100% Cotton

Retail Price: $154.00 each
Runway Special: $74.99 each

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Efficiency of Outerwears

Fashion is not always about runway or a catwalk. Today, aside from being trendy and stylish, designer clothes should give us the right protection that we need.

If you are planning for an outdoor adventure, you should wear the most appropriate clothes that will suit your needs in a specific type of environment.

Outerwears such as fleece, jackets, coats, mittens, shoes and etc. are some of the apparels you should wear when you are at the wilderness to protect your from harmful sunlight and other harmful elements or at a freezing tundra to provide enough warmth for your body.

Camping on the wild and playing at the snowfield with your friends are definitely one of the greatest experiences that you could possibly feel. It will be more memorable if you're going to wear a high-quality and efficient outerwear that can provide you the protection that you need for you to be able to enjoy those moments.

We all know that designer fleece, jackets, coats and other outerwear are not that affordable. Though, there are some online stores that are offering huge women outerwear sale and and we should still get the best out of it. I mean, why would you settle for less if you can get the best? Right?

It is good to be fashionable but it's going to a whole lot better if you can be safe or protected at the same time.

Featured Item: Abercrombie and Fitch - Womens Corrine Outerwear
Designer Outerwear - Abercrombie & FitchSupersoft, quilted for warmth, snap and zip closure
lined ribbed interior collar, moose embroidery, Fitted

Color: White
Material: 100% polyester, removeable hood with detachable faux fur trim
feather down insulated

Retail Price: $275.00 each
Runway Special: $169.99 each

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tracksuit: A Sportswear or a Casual Wear?

Tracksuits are usually worn by sports athletes as a sportswear to provide comfort in their training, competitions and practices. Although it was intentional made for sports related purposes, it became a fashionable type of clothing and during the 1980s it became as fashionable and stylish as leisurewear.

It can also be considered as a casual wear. Nowadays, wearing of sportswear as a casual dress is also becoming a fashion trend. And because of its trendy look, track suit also became popular in the dancing industry, particularly in the hip hop and break-dancing genre.

One major factor that positively affect its booming popularity is the frequent exposure of different Hollywood celebs wearing their own favorite designer tracksuit. Megan Fox who starred at the blockbuster film Transformers, is one of the Hollywood stars who are fond of wearing track suits. Other celebrities includes, Paris Hilton, David and Victoria Beckham, Natalie Portman (The Boylean Girl).

Tracksuits for women were originally made popular by Juicy Couture and later on adopted by other brands like Adidas, Nike and other famous sportswear makers. Juicy Couture is a leader in the fashion world. They specialize in tracksuits, sleepwear, handbags, jackets, sweaters and other women's apparel that provides comfort comfort and class at the same time.

Featured Item: Juicy Couture Womens Maison de Juicy' Velour Hoody

Designer Tracksuit - Juicy CoutureSparkling crystals subtly detail the ornate curlicues surrounding a logo print on the back

Color: Wild Child
Material: 80 % Cotton/ 20% polyester

Retail Price: $256.00 each
Runway Special: $149.00 each

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