Thursday, June 18, 2009

Express Yourself Through Designer Shoes

Shoes were first made just to protect our feet. Every era represents different styles that separates itself from one another. Nowadays, it evolves into a more functional footwear that comes into various types. We have shoes for daily uses that provide us durability, designer shoes for casual and special occasions that provide us class and elegance and for shoes sports purposes that will give us comfort and durability. Shoe is also a way to express ourselves through footwear and based from its evolution, shoes will never be the same again and it will develop as times goes by.

Women's designer shoes comes from different variety like heels, cut-out heels, peep-toe, hidden-platform, shoe-boot and a lot more that give women more possible ways on expressing their own fashion style. Though it's quite expensive, designer shoes are very popular among women. Not only because it can provide them style but also to provide them comfort and elegance. One of the major factors that makes designer shoes very popular nowadays is the frequent exposure of famous celebrities in different magazines and internet wearing their fashionable designer shoes.

It enhances its one's beauty and at the same time, it reflects its wearer lifestyle, personality and social status but most importantly, it should provide its owner quality, durability, comfort and elegance.

Featured Item: Christian Louboutin Shoes - Bling Bling Peep-Toe Pumps

Christian Louboutin - Designer ShoesBig glitzy triangular shaped beads surrounding the sexy peep-toe. The black velvet fabric and Louboutin signature red heel make these shoes a fabulous, sexy choice.

Color: Black
Material: Fabric / Leather

Retail Price: $1,245.00 each
Runway Special: $495.00 each

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