Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Types of Bikini

What's your favorite types of bikini? Bikini is perhaps the most alluring garment a woman could ever wear in beaches and resorts (aside from being naked lol). One good thing about wearing this kind of swimwear is it will enhance your body figure and make you even more alluring. But that's not all. You should know what types, styles and cuts of swimsuit will perfectly fit your body most to maximize its effect.

Below are the different types of bikinis that you can choose from to make you more inviting and to add more fun on your summer experiences.

First, we have the Classic Bikini. The most common and most popular type of bikini for women today. It is designed to cover sensitive parts of a woman's body without sacrificing to give us sexy benefits.

Second to our list is the String Bikini. It is the sexier type of swimwear compare to the previous one. Its design is compose of triangular shaped top connected by thin strings providing us a more daring look.

On our third spot, we have the Tankini. It is a type of swimwear the provides more coverage than a common bikini. It usually covers the entire breast area but sometimes, it even covers the upper body part down to the wearer's navel. It will perfectly fit to woman who have long torsos but doesn't have big breast. It is also an ideal choice for the conservative ones who doesn't feel comfortable when wearing sexier types of swimwear.

Next, is the Microkini. From the name itself, it's the most skimpy among all bikinis and it barely covers the body. Its design includes a thin strip of cloth that covers the breast and genital area of a woman. It's perfect for women who like to be tanned with out leaving obvious /noticeable markings on their skins.

Last but definitely not the least is probably the most controversial type of bikini. Yeah, I'm talking about Monokini. It is a type of swimwear the only covers the lower part of the body. It doesn't have a top to cover the upper part of the body and that makes it the most perfect bikini for women who want to have a darker complexion of skin through sunbathing.

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4 comments on "Types of Bikini"

Gerri Ward on July 15, 2009 at 8:44 PM said...

No doubt about it, I luv a bikini and make that a string bikini!

Designer Swimwear on January 14, 2011 at 4:11 PM said...

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Thanks for sharing!

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