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Leighton Meester's Classic Ugg Boots

Leighton MeesterLeighton Marissa Claire Meester was born on the April 9th 1986 Marco Island, Florida. Sister of an older brother named Douglas, and daughter of Mom and Dad.

Leighton Meester made her television debut in 1999 playing Alyssa Turner in the well known show "Law & Order". She was only 13 back then. Leighton guest appeared in two more series before landing her big role in the movie called "Hangman's Curse", based on the best selling book by Frank Peretti.

Right before/during the set of "Hangman's Curse", Leighton also starred in the series known as "Tarzan". The series, also starring Sarah Wayne Callies, did only make it to 8 episodes. Leigton started to land more guest roles in other famous series such as, "Crossing Jordan", "7th Heaven" "24" and "Veronica Mars". But it wasn't until 2005 the next break-through appearnce came.

It was the year that Leighton scored a regular role in the series known as "Surface". Leighton played an annoying teenager with the name Savannah Bennet, big sister of Miles Bennett. The series beging with a discover of a new species, a mixture between dinasours, dragons and underwater fantasiy animals. The show only had 15 episodes, and Leighton was in 12 of them, but was a great career push for Leighton. During the year of 2006, the year "Surface" stopped airing, Leighton has the time to appear in two more movies, "Flourish" and "Inside". She also guest appeared in "Numb3rs" and "House M.D".

After a few more guest roles and one more movie, Leighton scored a regular role in the CW's hit show Gossip Girl, playing the rich and bitchy Blair Waldrof. The show started to air in the fall of 2007 and is now one of the biggest shows, shown in many other countries. Leighton says: "We have a great formula" ... "Really great characters, great clothes, hot people, good locations and rich people with reallt messed-up lives. What's not to love?"about the shows increasing fans. Bad girl Blair is one of the best roles Leighton has had, she says various interviews. Leighton says: "She’s a good girl really. It’s really fun to play because she says and does things that most people don’t have the courage to do in real life" and "I know she’s the bitchy one. But she’s a good girl. The funny thing is she’s not like a normal character on one of these types of shows. Usually the bad girl is the bitch. It’s interesting and she’s actually a real girl. Of course she does and says the most outrageous things that you would never even think to do in real life".

Ms Meester also just realesed the movie "Remember the Daze" in April and has a new singing career on the moves. "It’s electronic-y, some electric guitar, some keyboard. I have a huge range of songs. Some of them I just talk, I do a little–not rapping–but talking, sort of spoken word. It’s a little Fergie, a little like Gwen Stefani and M.I.A.".

Right now her career is blooming and Leighton says: "Next time you see me" ... "I'm going to be in sunglasses, with bodyguards". I think that might be true.


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9 comments on "Leighton Meester's Classic Ugg Boots"

Gerri Ward on July 30, 2009 at 11:05 PM said...

I need a new pair of the short UGGs in Sand, mine are quite old !!!

Anonymous said...

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Ishara on April 12, 2011 at 4:52 AM said...

Footwear plays an outstanding role for trendy look. I love to wear clothes matched with accessories and footwear. I like her short boots & would love to get a pair for me.
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Cloth Diapers on March 11, 2012 at 7:48 PM said...

I like your short boots so much. I have a very nice pair of short boots, But I didn't have any idea about what color i have been choose. I really appreciate your idea.

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OBAT RADANG KANDUNG EMPEDU on November 5, 2015 at 10:57 PM said...

cantik :)

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